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Ximo Roca

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Ximo Roca began his professional career in 1981 and eight years later, in 1989, he founded the Ximo Roca Diseño.
His works are characterized by the ability to adapt to the specific requests of the customer and the market to which they are addressed.
Ximo Roca analyzes the production process, the trend and the potential of the company in order to offer a specific project in line with the client's expectations. It is design that suit to the market, not the other way around.
The basic concept, the key of Roca's philosophy, is the desire to offer its customers the opportunity to become more competitive, while maintaining high quality standards. The activity of Ximo Roca unfolds in a national and international context, moving effectively between industrial design, interior design and architectural projects. Chairs, lamps, bathroom furniture and everyday objects.
Ximo Roca is a versatile and original designer who, thanks to a 30-year experience, has been able to give life to products that are now widespread, real instant classic.

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