Quinti - Made in Italy chairs, armchairs and sofas

Quinti produces chairs, systems, and accessories for the office, contract, and community that happily blend technology, comfort, and sustainable design.

Each Quinti furnishing solution is custom-tailored, yet it reflects the taste and experience of the international designers and architects who have curated its superb form and functions.

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Each place has its own voice. Quinti listens to it and elevates it with functional, comfortable furnishings with a unique personality and style.

Quinti creates solutions for companies in all sectors, from industry to hospitality, following all the production and installation steps to ensure pristine quality and absolute satisfaction for those who will experience the furnished spaces.
About us

Who we are

Quinti was founded in 1975 as an iron and sheet metal processing company. At the beginning of the 1990s, thanks to the knowledge acquired, began producing chairs on commission and soon the first real collection of Quinti armchairs was born.

Today Quinti produces chairs, furniture and accessories for offices, contract and community that are born in the heart of Tuscany, a generous land where history, art and work intertwine and can be re-read in the active industriousness of the people. 

Quinti products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and precision. Made to measure entirely by hand and checked according to strict procedures, they represent an example of high craftsmanship made in Italy.