From the heart of Tuscany
Inspired by Passion

Quinti was founded in 1975 as an iron and sheet metal processing company. In the first years of his activity he works for important companies in the office and home furnishing branch, providing design and operational support and thus gaining a deep experience in the sector. At the beginning of the 1990s, thanks to the knowledge acquired, began producing chairs on commission and soon the first real collection of Quinti armchairs was born.

Today Quinti produces chairs, furniture and accessories for offices, contract and community that are born in the heart of Tuscany, a generous land where history, art and work intertwine and can be re-read in the active industriousness of the people. Tuscany has always offered its own way of life and culture, with respect and attention to the needs of others. The tradition and the culture of things “well made” are the foundation of the company vision, together with the continuous observation of the dynamics of business world.

Quinti products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and precision. Made to measure entirely by hand and checked according to strict procedures, they represent an example of high craftsmanship made in Italy. Product design – conceived as a global mode of expression – expresses the best of aesthetics, but also takes into account the usability, the durability and the impact on the environment.

The search for innovative furniture solutions finds its foundation in the activity of a technical staff made up of architects and high-level designers, both internal and external to the company, who through their creativity, inspiration and experience give a unique impression to every Quinti furnishing proposal.