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Example of arrangement of the Loft X sofa with sound-absorbing panels

Loft X

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Loft X: A modular system of armchairs and sofas. Each module, made up of seat and backrest, is upholstered and can be mounted on a base with sound-catching panels, a structure with metal armrests or a simple metal base. The module with integrated table in Corrado oak melamine-coated wood is perfect for creating an independent meeting or workstation.

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Loft sofa X front on white background
The original shape and construction versatility allow to obtain armchairs, sofas and benches with an open metal structure. The upholstered armrest, besides ensuring a practical and versatile support, can come with two USB sockets. The seat and back, carefully upholstered, create each module (with or without armrests) and can be assembled on base with soundproof panels, metal frame with armrests or simple metal base.
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