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The needs related to the workspaces evolve rapidly, the attention to details and the aesthetic care of the environments grows. The increase in the home-office and mobile-office trends indicates that today, for the industry, it is increasingly important to provide adequate solutions to all functional, stylistic and communicative needs. Quinti welcomes you to the era of emotional and relational WOW workspaces


9 Nov 2018 3 min di lettura

The 2018 edition of Orgatec was aimed at investigating the transformations that are taking place in the working environment with the entry of what is known as [email protected] Spaces are no longer strictly functional environments, but become a place for interaction, exchange, emotion.

In our stand designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, we presented the new 2019 products and Roger from the new Quinti Sistemi 2019 line, entirely dedicated to modular desks and office accessories.

Quinti is WOW

The new products Deep Plastic, Level, Four Side, Hendrick, Charles and Gilda are born directly from the necessity to give a concrete answer to the new needs of the workspaces, first of all the idea that work is no longer defined by a space, and that a space can no longer be defined on the basis of a specific work function. They are multifunctional products, united by coherent and interchangeable stylistic lines, movable, adaptable, as are the modern workspaces, coworking, home-office.

Quinti is WOW

With the Quinti Sistemi 2019 line – to which the Roger collection belongs – we have disrupted the symbolic meaning of traditional furnishings (work tables, executive desks, meeting tables) giving them a new stylistic and communicative value. Even the most traditional products – such as operative and executive desks – are distorted in their symbolic meanings and are reinterpreted in a new stylistic and communicative vision.

Desks are no longer just spaces on which to support and use devices, but they become spaces around which intertwine relationships, communicate and exchange human interactions. And even where the desk fulfilled the communicative task of manifesting hierarchical importance, it is no longer communicated through seriousness and austerity, but through the ability to arouse emotions.

Quinti is WOW

The new Quinti seating for office, contract, home and commercial spaces are not limited to the simple function of putting people in front of devices, because today the devices are always with us and every place is already suitable to stay in front of a device. They are products designed for modern workspaces: comfortable, pleasant and functional to create relationships between human beings. Shapes, materials and colors are blended in daring mixes to provoke what we call the WOW effect.

Quinti is WOW

Welcome to the era of emotional and relational WOW workspaces.


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