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Q_Green Project: DeepBio, innovative and eco-friendly

Quinti Sedute

12 Dec 2019 2 min di lettura

In the last decades or so, many changes have had a deep impact on the enviroment. For this reason measures should be adopted in order to let the industrial production continue without burdening on the environmental sources.

Following this path, Quinti has promoted the Quinti Green Project. Beside the installation of a new photovoltaic system of 75 kW, the company has also created its first 100% eco-friendly product using the Plantura material, a biopolymer entirely obtained from renewable sources: DeepBio.

The use of this material allows the reduction of CO2 emissions, maintaining the same strength guaranteed by the plastic materials. Plantura biopolymers come for the 80% from renewable sources which not only are particularly long lasting over time, but they are also scratchproof, elastomer-modified, compostable and up to 100° C heat resistant.

It is precisely the composting process of this material, that is the ability to transform into a compost, through biodegradation of organic materials in presence of oxygen, that makes it perfect even for the industrial use. Plantura is subject to a series of meticulous controls in accordance with the EN 13432 European norm in terms of eco-toxicity of the material. To be more specific, Plantura biopolymers:

 – are biodegradable: they are decomposable for the 90% in CO2, water and minerals, in 6 months;

– in 12 months, at least the 97% of the product is decomposed in micro-particles that can be sifted.

DeepBio is a synthesis between a minimal, simple design and comfort. It can complete any kind of environment and it provides the same thermo-mechanical properties of its sister in traditional plastic, Deep Plastic.





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