Our Chair Lines are born directly from the necessity to give a concrete answer to the new needs of the workspaces, first of all, the idea that work is no longer defined by a space, and that space can no longer be defined on the basis of a specific work function. They are multifunctional products, united by coherent and interchangeable stylistic lines, movable, adaptable, as are the modern workspaces, coworking, home-office.



With the Quinti Sistemi line we have disrupted the symbolic meaning of traditional furnishings (work tables, executive desks, meeting tables) giving them a new stylistic and communicative value. In our vision, around our tables we see people intertwining relationships and communicating. In the same way, for the managerial environments, we have broken up the classic hierarchies. For us, emotion is the new paradigm of luxury. 



Quinti Collections define a family feeling with high esthetic and functional valor available in different solutions for office, meeting, waiting, contract, hotel and residential.